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Brain mapping special software prepared in 6 years, in which field the child will be successful, it will be known in 20 minutes


Jun 18, 2023


Bhopal Brain software News: Professor of hard work in the capital Bhopal has prepared a machine using a unique experiment, so that it can be found out in which field you want to go. This machine will work to control the mind. It has been prepared by MANIT’s Professor Dr. Rupali Bajaj and Dr. Ankit Gupta with brain mapping special software. It has taken 6 years to prepare this technology is called brain wave analysis. Through this analysis of any person’s mind can be done in just ₹ 2000.

It has been created by tech startup company Brain Seeder, which is proving to be effective in career counseling of children as well as common people fighting mental disorders. Brain web technology works on the basis of neuroscience and behavioral science. From this it can be ascertained that what is the mental capacity of a child? Increasing stress due to changing lifestyle can also be measured by this.

Brain mapping special software in which field child will be successful it will be known in 20 minutes
Brain mapping special software ready in 6 years

How is the child’s fever, how is his ability to think, from this the internal qualities of the children can be known, on the basis of this, he can be told in which field he should make a career. Along with this, help can also be given in selecting the university from the course for foreign education.


What does the five waves of the brain tell

Alpha waves control the mind, balance in thoughts. Beta Waves The ability to perceive new work ascribes intelligence. Disorders like anger, mood swings, restlessness are detected by Gamma Babes. Theta Waves describe the process of thinking, emotions and situations like excessive thinking. Wherein Delta Babes sleep quality tells about satisfaction self-esteem.



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