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    Blue clear waters of Umm Al-Oud Island in Makkah Region attract tourists


    Sep 3, 2023

    JEDDAH — Umm Al-Oud Island, one of the most breathtaking islands, lies in the Red Sea specifically in Ras Mohaisen in the Makkah Region. Tourists there can enjoy its white sand beach, a variety of trees, and colorful coral reefs.

    On a trip to the island, the Saudi Press Agency documented the beauty of the quiet, alluring island with wonderful clean beaches and amazing weather.

    The exotic island has become a tourist attraction, but it needs further development and investment to become one of the most important tourist destinations in the Makkah region.

    Saudi Geological Survey spokesperson Tariq Abalkhail said that the island, called “The Northern Umm Al-Gharaniq”, is categorized as a coral island; it is 1.2 square kilometers northwest of Ras Mohaisen.

    According to Abalkhail, the island is two meters above sea surface, and is covered in sand and has some shrubs scattered throughout the area.

    Mangrove trees can be found on its coasts, at the northernmost end of the coral barrier surrounding the neighboring islands.

    Saudi Arabia has many scattered islands along its coasts on three waterfronts, making the country rank first among the countries bordering the Red Sea in terms of coastline length. — SPA

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