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    Baguio tech-voc trainer 2022 Tagsanay champ


    Sep 29, 2022

    BAGUIO CITY: The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority declared Noriel Ramos as the overall champion during the 2022 National Tagsanay Award ceremony held at the Tesda central office in Taguig City on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022.

    Out of the 17 contenders from the private Technical Vocational Institutions (TVIs) and Tesda Technology Institutions (TTIs) nationwide, Ramos was included in the Top 8 finalists.

    After besting the field, he snatched the title with 386 points out of 500.

    He was followed by first runner-up Regina Valencia of Universidad de Sta. Isabel de Naga Inc.-Region 5 and Mateo Alin Jr. of the Regional Training Center-Cebu, Region 7, second runner-up.

    Ramos was a volunteer trainer in Tesda in 2010, and worked as a job order for five years before landing a permanent position as a trainer in the Regional Training Center-Baguio in 2016.

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    He is a Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) trainer in machining, CNC lathe and milling machine operations and he has also extended his services and expertise in electronics, technical drafting and IT-related qualifications.

    “One of the challenges I faced was keeping up with new technology because it is constantly changing and the things I teach should be relevant to the needs of the industry,” Ramos said.

    In 2016, he was also named the Best Trainer at RTC-Baguio for his contributions to the institution’s success (including the 2-Star Rating in Machining NC 2, 1-Star in CNC Lathe Machine Operations NC 2 and 1-Star in CNC Milling Machine Operations NC 2).

    Ramos was also active in the development and implementation of the higher level diploma program, improvements to facilities and maintenance and other TVET-related programs and projects.

    As an innovator, he also developed a 7-in-1 multi-tool, 32-in-1 precision screw and hammer, which are not yet available in the market.

    These innovations can be patented and will be useful in the construction industry.

    Ramos also initiated research on prototyping a self-sustaining generator funded by the Tesda central office, another research on the use of a heat treatment furnace oven and research on prototyping a 5-axis trunnion table for CNC milling machines.

    “Local and international training molded me to become a better trainer and be competitive in competency-based training delivery,” he said.

    Ramos urged his fellow trainers to be passionate about what they do.

    As the National Tagsanay Award overall winner, he took home a cash prize of P25,000.

    Ramos also received four special awards — Best Trainer’s Portfolio, Best Trainer in Computer-Based Examination, Best Trainer in Experience Sharing and Best Trainer in Activity-Based Assessment.

    The Tagsanay Award is one of Tesda’s institutional awards that gives recognition and incentives to trainers from private and public TVIs and TTIs who have exceeded the requirements for TVET trainers and have demonstrated competencies beyond expectations.

    Nominees to the Tagsanay undergo a stringent selection and elimination process starting from the provincial level.

    In this final stage of the process, the nominees’ logic, balance, negotiation skills, courage, taste and ability to deal with new challenges are tested and evaluated.

    At the same time, their portfolios are also carefully scrutinized.

    Meanwhile, the Regional Training Center-Baguio was awarded as the TVET Institution Overall Champion for supporting the career of a quality TVET trainer who had exceeded the standards and expectations of the institution.

    Tesda-Cordillera Administrative Region consistently garnered multiple awards in the past — Mary Kristine Iris Pasion, first runner-up 2021 National Tagsanay Award; Joseph Sab-it Jr., second runner-up 2020 Tagsanay Award; and Marybeth So, first runner-up 2017 Tagsanay Award.


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