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    Arab League secretary-general slams Israel for ethnic cleansing and genocidal acts in Gaza


    Nov 11, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit affirmed that Israel’s war on Gaza is not the first, and he hopes it will be the last.

    He highlighted Israel’s longstanding goal of eradicating or displacing the population of Gaza since its initial attempts to occupy the territory.

    Aboul Gheit, addressing the extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh on Saturday, criticized Israel’s consistent aggression against Gaza, leading to the deaths of over eleven thousand civilians, with seventy percent being women and children.

    He denounced the ethnic cleansing and genocide committed by Israeli forces, emphasizing the need for international documentation and legal mechanisms to hold the occupying government accountable.

    Aboul Gheit emphasized the paramount importance of a complete ceasefire in Gaza, making it a top priority.

    He called for halting the expansion of the war, stressing that the global conscience must recognize that Israel’s continued military aggression in Gaza could escalate regional tensions.

    He vehemently opposed forced displacement in all its forms, considering it an international crime and a blatant violation of humanitarian law.

    He called for an end to discussions about the separation of Gaza from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, asserting that they are integral components of the Palestinian state based on June 4, 1967, borders.

    He criticized any security-focused approach to Gaza without addressing the political solution, considering it a waste of time that could lead to further complications.

    Aboul Gheit urged the international community to consider organizing an international peace conference to implement a political solution based on the two-state resolution, despite the objectionable positions of certain countries and officials.

    He acknowledged that while some Western countries, particularly in Europe, are responding positively to the idea of an international peace conference, the global public opinion, as expressed by the people, is gradually awakening to the severe atrocities committed by the occupation.

    Aboul Gheit acknowledged that restoring normalcy to resilient Gaza would be a long and challenging process. He assured member states of the Arab League’s unwavering support for the people of Gaza, deserving collective solidarity in facing the aftermath of the aggression.

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