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    An open letter to President Biden from his Saudi student


    Nov 5, 2023

    The recent barrage of letters from fellow Arab political analysts to US President Joe Biden prompted me to write this open letter to the leader of the world’s most powerful nation.

    The letters, especially in the midst of Israel’s relentless aggression on civilians in Gaza, painted a disturbing picture of the president’s stance. His visit to the region to reassure Israel and applaud its ability to “defend itself” against the Palestinian invaders, particularly after the “Flood of Al-Aqsa” on Oct. 7, 2023, bewildered many.

    As I write this, Mr. President, the proverb “Whoever teaches me a letter, I become his servant” comes to my mind. So, with utmost respect and gratitude, I extend this letter to you. In 1980, at Claremont University in California, I, a political science student under Professor Fred Neal, a close friend of yours, had the privilege of studying a subject closely associated with you— US-Soviet relations.

    You, then a young senator from Delaware, visited us twice a month for three months to lecture on the matter. You were also entrusted with teaching a significant portion of the US-Soviet relations course, examining us alongside Professor Neal. I excelled academically and leaned towards moderate democratic politics, even garnering sympathy for the Soviets due to their heightened concerns about borders and security.

    Fast forward, your arrival in the region to ensure Israel’s security and your support for its actions against Gaza struck me. I did not expect such encouragement for the killing of innocent civilians, the destruction of homes, and the pride in supporting Israel’s extremists. I was disappointed by your support for the destruction of Iraq for Israel’s sake.

    Your journey to the region, exhausted as you may have been, seemed unnecessary. Sending an aircraft carrier would have sufficed. Love, it seems, knows no bounds. Perhaps, Mr. President, you could grant Israel a part of one of your vast states, closer to you, out of compassion and fear of terrorists, safeguarding it from their heinous acts that have no logical justification in this era of “globalization.”

    I wish, as your admirer, you would remain in your Oval Office, reflect on Israel’s actions, and, for a moment, control your conscience, humanity, and democracy. Given your position as the leader of the world, avoid supporting criminals who kill children, women, and hospital patients. Be cautious of boasting about supporting them, aiming for another four years in office.

    Considering the urgency, I implore you to thoroughly study this issue from all angles. Hear what conscientious voices in America and the West say about the reality of Israel’s actions against the Palestinians. Remove the emotional veil, and witness what this racist entity inflicts on the region and its people. What do we call the continuous Israeli bombardment on innocent civilians? Isn’t it genocide? Let the Zionist leadership create the divide, and rectify American policy from the illusion of dominance by enemies, both to America and humanity.

    Your victory in championing justice, perhaps even winning the Nobel Peace Prize, or a commendation from humanity, is better and more honorable than four more years of serving an entity engrossed in occupation, killing, distorting facts, and manipulating history.

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