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    Amyra forgot her character because of Akshay on the shoot of Kya Loge Tum


    May 25, 2023

    Amyra Dastur
    digital desk,Mumbai Actress Amyra Dastur, who recently featured in the music video of the single Kya Log Tum with Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, said that during the shooting of the song, she was so impressed by Akshay’s performance that she forgot her character.In the song, Amyra plays a woman who gets caught cheating on Akshay’s singer character.

    Recalling the incident, Amyra told IANS, “I remember there was a time when everyone stood up and started clapping.” I was so mesmerized by Sir’s performance that I too got up and started clapping. Our director said, no, no Amyra. You have to be sad, you have to cry. Don’t clap, he is talking about leaving you. Everyone started laughing. Overall it was an amazing shoot. Although I am crying throughout the song, I had a lot of fun shooting for it. And yes, I am really looking forward to part 2.

    He further added, “Usually when it comes to songs, you see the heroine wooing the hero or trying to woo or romanticize him. But here it is really the hero who is doing everything, making all the efforts and he is calling out to him. That’s what I really liked about it.

    The actress also said that she loves heartbreak songs. B Praak was singing it and Jani composed it for me, it’s a great combination because I really think he is one of the best singers in India today,” he told IANS. Then I came to know that Akshay sir is coming on this show and it is a wonderful opportunity for me to work with such talented and wonderful people. From B Praak sir to Akshay sir, Jani sir (lyricist) to even Arvind sir – our director in this song, they are all leaders in their respective fields. So for me the opportunity to work with these people was so good that I could not pass it up.

    I’ve said it before, the fact that it was a beautiful pain in the nose song and where the girl is actually playing the role of the villain, it gave me a chance to break out of the sweet innocent image that you know me as and people see me in. know. We shot the song in two days. The song was entirely shot in Mumbai. All I remember was that I had a lot of fun shooting for the song and I was also watching Akshay sir perform. Performing with so many people in a room, getting the lip sync right, getting the dance steps right is not easy. So I guess what I found really fun this time was that the heroine actually had less work to do than the hero. Kya Loge Tum is streaming on YouTube and all major audio streaming platforms.


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