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Al-Hilal star Neymar sparks culinary and football fervor ahead of India visit


Aug 25, 2023


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — As the AFC Champions League group stage draw unfolds, a spellbinding alliance has set hearts racing in both the football and culinary realms.

The renowned Al-Hilal, led by the Brazilian maestro Neymar, finds itself sharing a group with Mumbai City. This intriguing pairing has ignited unparalleled excitement as India prepares for its inaugural encounter with the iconic Brazilian football luminary.

Neymar’s impending debut on Indian soil follows in the footsteps of other Brazilian legends who’ve etched their legacy. In 1977, Pelé cast his spell in Kolkata with the New York Cosmos against Mohun Bagan. Fast forward to 2011, Messi graced the Salt Lake Stadium during Argentina’s clash with Venezuela. The echoes of Oliver Kahn and Alessandro Del Piero’s feats also resonate in India’s football annals.

In a playful twist, India Times envisioned Neymar relishing Mumbai’s quintessential delight — Masala Pav. Playfully framed as “Neymar to Savor Masala,” the article captured the nation’s fervor. “Currently, every football fan in India is screaming at the top of their voice, and if you lower the noise, you’ll hear the sound of a young child carrying Neymar’s picture in their heart and celebrating,” the publication humorously highlighted, capturing the anticipation surrounding the AFC Champions League draw.

Sportstar delved into the journey Al-Hilal is embarking on, guided by Neymar and an array of global talents. Des Buckingham, the coach of Mumbai City, emphasized the high caliber of AFC Champions League teams, expressing eagerness to test his squad against the best. He playfully suggested, “I would like to offer him the best Vada Pav in Mumbai, to see how he enjoys its delicious taste.”

As excitement mounted, even the team’s defenders joined the chorus. Rahul Bheke affirmed his commitment to making an impact on the field, including the audacious goal of taming the formidable Neymar.

Beyond the realms of sports, fans are already heralding the positive impact Neymar’s visit will have on Indian football. One unwavering supporter pledged their resolute attendance at the match, a testament to the journey ahead.

In this captivating amalgamation of football prowess and gastronomic curiosity, Neymar’s impending visit to India, alongside Al-Hilal’s captivating aura, promises to craft a vivid tapestry of memories. As the stage is set, India stands poised for an unforgettable rendezvous with football greatness and tantalizing flavors.


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