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7-year-jail each for 11 Pakistanis convicted of financial fraud


Sep 6, 2023


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — A Saudi court sentenced 11 Pakistani expatriates, convicted of financial fraud, to seven years in prison each. The court also ruled to deport them after serving the jail term, the Public Prosecution has said.

The Financial Fraud wing at the Public Prosecution had completed an investigation into the illegal activities of 11 Pakistani nationals who were arrested on charges of financial fraud. It was revealed in investigations that the accused persons were engaged in financial fraud by sending text messages to the victims, communicating with them by telephone, urging them to update their bank information, and then obtaining their personal information and using it to access their bank accounts and steal their money.

The Public Prosecution stated that it will continue to protect funds from all forms of crimes, and will bring anyone, who involves in financial fraud, to justice, seeking severe penalties for them.


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