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    2 Jeddah General Court employees arrested for bribery


    May 18, 2023
    2 Jeddah General Court employees arrested for bribery

    Saudi Gazette report

    JEDDAH — Anti-corruption authorities have arrested two employees in the General Court in Jeddah for receiving bribes from a citizen.

    The Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority said Ayman Abdulrazaq Salwati, a 6th-grade employee at the court, received SR250,000 out of a promised SR500,000 as a bribe from a citizen in exchange for illegally bringing a case into the Court of Appeals and seeking to overturn an existing ruling in the case between the citizen and one of the investment companies in Jeddah. The ruling stated that he would be fined SR7,317,000.

    Meanwhile, Ali Mohammed Aldougi, a 9th-grade employee at the same court, received SR125,000, which was his share of the bribe for his role in the case.

    The Authority published a video, which showed the two employees receiving the bribes.

    The Authority affirmed its continued determination to pursue anyone who exploits the public office for personal gains or harms public interest in any way. It said the accountability extends far beyond the retirement of employees, as the statute of limitations does not apply to these types of crimes.

    The Authority stressed that it will continue to enforce its zero-tolerance policy against corruption.

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