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    Women’s empowerment in sports sector


    Sep 4, 2023

    At present, we are in the era of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman. He is the founder of the current Saudi state, characterized by several new features such as judicial and institutional reforms; fighting corruption, promoting transparency and competition; supporting young leaders in the era of work, decisiveness, and resolve; re-building the nation with more capabilities and capacities; and carrying the nation and its future generations forward for decades to come within the framework of the Vision 2030.

    The architect of the Vision is the young dynamic and visionary leader Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman. Under the vision, we see the empowerment of women and youth in all sectors and echelons of power that have made achieving the vision’s goals a reality where we live in before the targeted year of 2030 in a number of fields.

    The empowerment of women reinforces the foundations of realizing the vision in terms of business practice, education, training and employment. We can cite evidence for this from many success stories of women, including those from the House of Saud and the rest of the Saudi society from all the regions and segments of people.

    Princess Reema bint Bandar is an incredible epitome and model of what we live in today — the reality of empowering women to serve society, develop it, modernize it, and unleash their creative energy in all fields and sectors. She was chosen to be the first woman to work in the field of sports as she was appointed head of the women’s department at the General Sports Authority and then became deputy chairperson of the authority. Later she was named president of the Saudi Sports for All Federation until she was appointed ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States of America.

    Everyone watched and heard with appreciation and gratitude of her media interventions and comments regarding global events and everything related to the nation, its leadership and its ambitions in various fields, including the great boom in sports in general and what happened in the field of football recently in particular.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mahd Sports Academy to create a sports generation headed by minister of sports, and before that, she held the presidency of the Women’s Committee in the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and also the honorary CEO of the Special Olympics Federation. All these enabled her to head the Kayanee Company, which was announced by the Public Investment Fund, to promote and inspire healthy living for women and the lifestyle of future generations in the Kingdom.

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