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    Video of young Saudi man saving entire family from a blaze goes viral on social media


    Nov 14, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    DAMMAM — A young Saudi man saved an entire family from a blaze that swept through a residential building in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The video, which showed the heroic valor of Moayed Muhammad Al-Yami in saving a woman and her four children who were engulfed in the flames of fire, went viral on social media.

    Al-Yami received wide accolades from many social media users who admired his courage to forcefully break into a house and pull out children who were stuck inside the house amidst the fiery flames and billowing smoke, Al-Arabiya.net reported. Al-Yami appeared in a video clip as he broke down the door and entered the house forcefully to emerge out of smoke with small children in his hands. Yami, who suffered suffocation and burns in the midst of the rescue operation, was hospitalized

    and his condition was stable. Many Saudis praised him and prayed for him, saying: God willing… May God give him health and wellness and grant him peace… What he did was the courage, chivalry, and fearlessness of a Saudi young man,” they said on their X account.

    Speaking about the rescue efforts, Yami said that the fire broke out on the third floor of the building where he is living. “At the time when I was preparing to go to join

    duty in the Border Guards at King Abdulaziz Sea Port in Dammam, I saw the outbreak of fire and immediately rushed to the building and evacuated the residents from the second floor, and entered the third floor from where smoke was billowing. I documented my entry into the house for fear of my adventure, after learning that the door was locked and that a woman and four of her children were inside.”

    Yami continued: “I could not control myself, and those around me advised me to wait until the arrival of the Civil Defense forces. Although I suffer from asthma, I rushed to the house, rescued the mother and her children, and they were taken to my car. I returned to the building to ensure that there was nobody left for evacuation in the building. Eventually I fainted and was taken to hospital. Later, the Civil Defense arrived and extinguished the fire,” he said. Yami sustained burn injuries on the right part of his body, fracture in the right leg, and a sprain in the left foot.

    Yami praised God for enabling him to save the family from fire. “I received a call from the head of the family who thanked me for saving the lives of four children and their mother. My behavior was a natural one that is expected from any human being who must save the lives of others from danger, especially from fire and suffocation, and this is what we were groomed as Saudis to succor people in distress and save people’s lives. Praise be to God, I feel relieved and gratified as I was able to save one family,” he added.

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