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Terminal, Junction Station… What is the difference between them, know the facts behind it – Terminal Junction Station what is the difference between them


Oct 1, 2022


Indian Railway Facts- India TV Hindi News
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Indian Railway Facts


  • 6 trains leave from Salem Junction
  • There are total 5 central stations in India
  • Cities that are considered very busy and commercially important

Indian Railway Facts: Every day lakhs of people travel by train in India. Train has become like a life line in our country. The reason behind this is that there is no better option than train to travel cheap and comfortable. There would be such an Indian who would not have traveled by train. Today we will give you such interesting information related to Indian Railways, about which you may also know. All of you travel by rail everyday, during the journey you must have noticed that station, junction, terminal/terminus, central and station are written at many places.

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between them? The train stops at all these places, then why their names are different, is there any rocket science behind it, if you keep thinking like this, then stop, will give you complete and accurate information about it. Indian Railways is operated by the Central Government. India has the fourth largest railway network in the world. Train facilities are available to go from one corner of the country to another. Apart from this, there is also a goods train for the traders. Let us tell you that there are more than 8000 railway stations in India. These places are divided into 4 sections. Terminus/Terminal, Junction, Central and Station. Now we will know in turn why their names are different.


Terminus is called the place where the railway track or railway route ends. The station beyond which the train does not go. That is, understand in easy language that where the train reaches, there is no station or railway track in front of it. For example when you go to Mumbai the last station is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. The only sea in front of this city is the sea. There are total 31 terminus in India. Bandra Terminus, Howrah Terminus, Bhavnagar Terminus and Cochin Terminus etc.

Cities that are considered very busy and commercially important. Those places are usually central. Almost all the trains running in the country stop at Central. It is possible that Central may be located outside a city due to the inclusion of many stations, as there is no station located in the capital of India, Delhi. At the same time, the oldest station in the country is also called the Central Station in many places. There are total 5 central stations in India namely Kanpur Central, Trivandrum Central, Mumbai Central, Chennai Central and Mangalore Central.

A place where at least three rail routes exist for the movement of trains, then that place is called a junction. In simple language, the trains coming to the station should be able to at least arrive and depart from two routes simultaneously. Such places are considered as junctions. Mathura Junction is the largest in India, from where seven train routes originate. Apart from this, 6 trains leave from Salem Junction. Five train routes originate from Vijayawada Junction and five train routes originate from Bareilly.

The station means where the train stops everyday. There should be daily movement of passengers. To bring and unload goods and materials on the train. We call such places stations.






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