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    SR50000 fine for trespassing on public property


    Aug 27, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing has updated the list of penalties for various municipal violations. According to the updated list, fines range between SR10000 and SR50000 for violations of trespassing on public properties such as stealing electricity from lighting poles.

    It stipulated that if any establishments raise prices of their products above the levels fixed by minister of commerce or by the competent authorities, such establishments will be slapped with the amount of the difference between the standard price and its selling price along with fines ranging between SR5000 and SR100000.

    According to the amended regulation, fines ranging from SR10000 to SR50000 will be slapped on establishments that begin construction work without a license. There will be a fine ranging from SR6000 to SR30000 for firms that failed to arrange an approved consulting office for digging work.

    As per the revised regulations, the classifications made by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at), mayoralties and municipalities shall be taken into account when determining the value of fines.

    It also stipulates that the levels of payment rates according to the size of the establishment shall also be taken into account so that the percentage reaches 25 percent of the fine value for micro-enterprises, 50 percent for small, 75 percent for medium, and 100 percent for large establishments.

    According to the updated regulation, grave violations are defined as those that would lead to serious harm to human health and safety, or public health. The regulation calculates fines for non-serious violations, according to the type of violation and the extent of recurrence.

    The regulations are framed in a way promoting small and medium enterprises to sustain and compete in the market; safeguarding the rights of all parties, in addition to raising the quality of life and improving the urban landscape.

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