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    Shoura approves draft law to promote use of Arabic language


    Mar 22, 2023


    RIYADH — The Shoura Council approved on Tuesday the draft Law for promoting the use of the Arabic language, which aims to promote the use of the Arabic language by obliging governmental and non-governmental agencies to use it.

    The law has set specific regulations for the circumstances under which it is permissible for others to use it, as well as to enhance the pride of the members of the society in the use of the Arabic language as one of the pillars forming the identity of the Saudi society. It also aims to fill the existing legislative vacuum, represented by the lack of an integrated system that promotes the use of the Arabic language in the Kingdom.

    Also on Tuesday, the council discussed the report of the Saudi Business Center during which the members expressed their viewpoints and opinions regarding the report.

    Abdullah Al-Tawi, a member, stressed the importance of coordinating the center with research agencies and organizations, while Hazzaa Al-Qahtani called on the center to strengthen its role by following up and supporting the growth of the participation of medium, small, and micro companies in the gross domestic product, and finding appropriate solutions to ensure that they do not falter.

    dr. Muhammad Al-Abbas, another member, called for a review and improvement in the center’s governance and following up global indicators with the start of economic activities, while Dr. Salah Al-Taleb highlighted the importance of having branches of the center in all regions of the Kingdom.

    The council voted to approve two draft memoranda of cooperation between the Saudi Ministry of Energy and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in the field of hydrogen and ammonia fuel and its derivatives, and in the field of the circular carbon economy and carbon recycling .


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