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    New Saudi Ambassador Al-Enezi arrives in Tehran


    Sep 6, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    TEHRAN — Saudi Arabia’s new Ambassador to Iran Abdullah Al-Enezi arrived in the Iranian capital Tehran to assume his duties on Tuesday. Upon arrival, he was received by senior Iranian officials.

    Meanwhile, Alireza Enayati arrived in Riyadh to take over the mission of Iran’s new ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Al-Arabiya Television reported.

    Speaking to Saudi Press Agency in Tehran, Al-Enezi said he will exert all the efforts to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries. “The directives of the wise leadership confirm the importance of strengthening relations and intensifying communication and meetings between the Kingdom and Iran, and moving them towards broader horizons,” he said.

    The envoy also emphasized that Saudi Arabia and Iran are neighbors and possess many economic components, natural resources and advantages that contribute to strengthening aspects of development, prosperity, stability and security in the region for the common benefit of the two countries and their peoples.”

    Al-Enezi underscored that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, launched by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, represents a road map that reflects all aspects of cooperation that can be built upon to further enhance cooperation between the two countries. “This is in accordance with a strategic perspective that establishes the principles of good neighborliness, understanding, constructive and purposeful dialogue and respect, and enhance mutual trust between the two countries,” he said.

    Prior to his departure for Riyadh, Enayati met with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi on Monday. During the reception, Raisi said that Iran and Saudi Arabia are two influential countries in the region and the Islamic world. The president also emphasized that the enhanced Iran-Saudi relations would curtail the scope of foreign interference in the region.

    The exchange of ambassadors comes after the two countries reached an agreement in March this year, brokered by China, to reestablish diplomatic relations after seven years of no formal ties. Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran in 2016 following an attack by pro-regime protesters on its embassy in Tehran and consulate in the city of Mashhad.

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