• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

    MP: Fake currency being printed in Kanpur, fake notes of 2000/200 being used till Sagar


    Jan 6, 2023

    Fake notes are being used in Sagar of Madhya Pradesh for a long time. The strings of the fake note gang are linked to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. People associated with the gang take out exact prints of the original notes through color printers and consume them in the market. Two days ago, a young man named Shivam Yadav was caught while trying to pass fake notes of Rs 2,000 at a dhaba in Baheria area.

    According to the police, when Shivam Yadav took a few rupees and gave a note of 2 thousand at Baheria Dhaba, the owner of the Dhaba had some doubt. The 2000 note looked like a fake to him. By involving the boy in talks, he informed the police. When the police searched the young man, two days in 2000, the same series was found with him. After this, inquiry was started by bringing to the police station, then the information of fake and fake note gang and agents was revealed. Police investigation revealed that gang strings are connected in Kanpur, UP. Shivam Yadav himself is a resident of UP. From there they get notes from people.


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    Fake 2000 note is available in 200 rupees and 200 note in 20 rupees
    According to the police, the accused Shivam Yadav told that the agents who use fake notes of Kanpur print fake notes and provide Rs 2,000 notes for just Rs 200 and Rs 200 notes for Rs 20 to those people. Apart from this, many important information has also been received by the police. Shivam told that where there is a note checking machine, he does not run notes there. Please tell that Shivam Yadav is also a resident of Kanpur Dehat area. He had come to Sagar to work in the watch factory. He came to Sagar with 20 notes of 2-2 thousand and 10 fake notes of 200-200 rupees. He visited many cities before coming to Sagar and has spent 18 Rs 2,000 notes. All 200 notes have been consumed.

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