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    Maulvi Abdul Rahman was used to convert children in three steps, many revelations came from Whatsapp chat


    Jun 10, 2023

    Abdul Rehman Whatsapp Chat: Ghaziabad police recently arrested Maulvi Abdul Rehman while revealing the conversion game going on through online gaming app.



    Abdul Rahman Whatsapp Chat:
    The case of conversion through online gaming app came to the fore from Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. In this case, the Ghaziabad police had arrested Abdul Rehman, the cleric of the mosque. At the same time, now his WhatsApp chat history has also come to the fore, in which many important revelations have been made. However, the cleric had deleted all the chats and data related to his phone to save himself.

    The conversion through the online gaming app came to light when a person from Niwali of Kavinagar area of ​​Ghaziabad gave a complaint to the police. In the Tahrir given to the police, the person had told that his minor son was being attracted towards Islam by people of other religions. After which his child started doing Islamic activities.

    The child’s father told in Tahrir that when he stopped him, he said that if you take him out of the house, he will stay in the mosque. The family members were shocked to hear his words. The police registered an FIR in this matter and started the investigation and interrogated one Jain, two Hindu boys and their relatives. The names of NANNI i.e. Abdul Rahman alias Nanni and Baddo i.e. Khan Shahnawaz Maqsood surfaced.

    Ghaziabad police arrested Ubdul Rehman alias Nanni. At the same time, a team has been formed to arrest Khan Shahnawaz Maqsood, who is conducting raids in search of him. Abdul Rehman alias Nanni, who was arrested by the police, told during interrogation that he used to offer Namaz regularly in the mosque for the last several years. At the same time, he wanted to work and propagate Islam.

    That’s why he told non-Muslim people about Islam. In this sequence, about a year ago, he met two non-minor boys, who were getting attracted towards Islam by getting confused by the gaming app. Nani tricked him with her words by telling him that Islam is paramount. During this he was also successful in his efforts to a great extent. But the families of both the boys came to know about it.

    After which he lodged a complaint with the police. Nanni told that I had deleted all the chats and data related to this case from my phone to avoid Puli. However, the police have found several evidences in the mobile phone of Abdul Rahman alias Nanni, of motivating non-Muslim youths to convert to Islam by tricking them. On the other hand, the police told that this whole game of conversion was done in three steps by persuading the children.


    In the first phase, some Muslim youths used to create IDs in the name of boys of other religions and play games on FORT NITE game app from mobile and computer. In which some boys used to lose the game, then they used to read verses to win the game. After this, he used to build trust and confidence by winning the game. Whereas, in the second phase, Muslim boys used to create Hindu user IDs and chat with Hindu boys through the discord app.

    During this, he was coaxed to adopt Islamic rituals and customs. Whereas, in the third phase, some videos and Islamic speeches of banned Islamic spokesperson Zakir Naik from 2015 were shown. They were coaxed to convert to Islam.



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