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How is the Congress running without a state level committee!: The new state president told Bhaskar – Committee formed after January 14


Jan 13, 2023


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  • How Is The Congress Running Without A State Level Committee?, The New State President Told Bhaskar – Formation Of The Committee After January 14

PatnaOne hour agoAuthor: Pranay Priyamvad

Bihar Congress President Akhilesh Prasad Singh.

The new state president of the Congress, just a few days after taking over the post, showed his speed in the Congress’s padyatra in Bihar. This padyatra will start again after Makar Sankranti. But there is no pace of formation of state committee in Congress. Till now there is no visible smell of it.

Dr. Madan Mohan Jha could not form the committee in 4.5 years

It will be considered as the weakness of Bihar Congress that before Akhilesh Prasad Singh, Dr. Madan Mohan Jha was Bihar State President for more than four years but could not form a committee. The committee consists of Vice President, General Secretary, Secretary, Joint Secretary etc. The state president is the chairman of this committee. But there is no limit, how did the Bihar Congress continue for so many years without a committee! The committee of the block was not even formed. The result of all this is visible in Bihar Congress both from outside and inside. Some activists say that the committee did not get approval from above. Some say that there was no attempt to make it. That is, as many words as there are words. This is the condition of Congress in Bihar.

4 major disadvantages of not forming an organization

How will the organization run if the committee is not formed? – How will the second and third line leadership stand? – The decision of the president will not be considered as the decision of the organization. Only the decision of the chairman will be considered. This will weaken the organization. Everyone has the right to move forward in the organization. If the committee is not formed then what will happen to other hard working leaders?

Waiting for January 14 – Akhilesh

The committee of block presidents was not even formed in Bihar Congress. Now the new state president Akhilesh Prasad Singh has formed a committee of block presidents immediately after taking over the post. Bhaskar spoke to Akhilesh Prasad Singh. He said, ‘We are waiting for January 14. After this the State Congress Committee will be constituted. We have formed a committee of block presidents. ,

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