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    Former Minister cum Saran MP Rajeev Pratap Rudy reached Munger: said- Bihar’s daughters are topping the country, yet why Bihar is backward?


    Jun 7, 2023


    Workers welcoming former Union Minister cum Saran MP Rajeev Pratap Rudy who reached Munger.

    Former Union Minister cum Saran MP Rajeev Pratap Rudy, who reached Munger, gave a strong reaction to the present plight of Bihar and questioned the backwardness of Bihar. He said that the youth of Bihar are moving forward in every field. The daughters of Bihar are topping the country, why is Bihar backward.


    MP Rajeev Pratap Rudy speaking in the program.

    MP Rajeev Pratap Rudy speaking in the program.

    What do NITI Aayog figures say?

    Once upon a time, ruins of industries are seen in Jamalpur, nationally famous as an industrial city. Responding, he said that Jamalpur was marked on the map of India as an industrial city where ruins of industries are visible at present. A horrifying picture of Bihar is visible in the statistics of NITI Aayog. 4 crore Biharis working outside Bihar send about 3 lakh 36 thousand crore rupees to Bihar. Had there been a proper atmosphere, they would have earned crores of rupees in their own state and employment would also have been created.

    People present at the event.

    People present at the event.

    Biharis are ahead in every field, yet Bihar is behind

    On this occasion, while showing videos of some youths, he said in a questioning tone that the people of Bihar are working on all positions, from small to big, at all levels in different states of the country. Still Bihar is backward, why it is so is a matter of concern. He drew attention to many points of the state, while pointing out the backwardness of the state, he also made us aware of many problems in the political and social sector. He said that why foreign investment is not happening in Bihar like other states? Along with the figures on the Central Investment Proposal, former Union Minister Rudy questioned why many foreign investments that have come recently did not happen in Bihar. Many big companies of the country and abroad have invested in many states but no such proposal was received in Bihar. Why is this happening? Our prosperous Bihar has become backward Bihar today. Now we have to think which Bihar we will hand over to our future generation, prosperous Bihar or backward Bihar.

    On this occasion, BJP’s state spokesperson Afzal Shamshi, Yashwant Singh, Vinod Samrat, Rakesh Singh, Satyendra Singh as well as local district president Arun Poddar, state working committee members Sanjeev Mandal, Randhir Singh, Karni Sena’s Ram Kumar Singh, Ram Varun Singh Hundreds of people including BJP leader Swati Singh, Pranav Pratap Singh, retired Colonel Arun Singh were present.


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