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    Ethiopian PM commends Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 for advancing economic collaboration with African nations


    Nov 10, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia delivered a significant address at the Saudi-African Summit in Riyadh, highlighting the historic importance of Saudi-African relations and the potential for collaborative endeavors between Saudi Arabia and African nations.

    Acknowledging the longstanding positive ties between the Kingdom and Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed praised Saudi Arabia’s commitment to investing in Africa, specifically in vital sectors such as renewable energy, infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare, and education.

    He expressed Ethiopia’s eagerness to continue fostering economic relations that contribute to the social development of African nations.

    The prime minister commended the ambitious Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia, recognizing its role in advancing economic and trade partnerships with African nations.

    He emphasized the importance of sustaining global supply chains and the transformative impact of Vision 2030’s five fundamental pillars.

    Highlighting the agricultural sector as a cornerstone of Ethiopia’s economy, Abiy Ahmed extended an invitation to Saudi Arabian agricultural, investment, and commercial entities to explore opportunities in Ethiopia’s vast agricultural areas spanning six million hectares.

    He underscored the need for collaborative efforts to explore various avenues of cooperation, working toward shared strategic goals between the Kingdom and Africa.

    In conclusion, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed Ethiopia’s unwavering commitment to close collaboration with Saudi Arabia, aiming for mutual benefit and the strengthening of bilateral relations.

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