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    Anthony Taberna Joins AMBS All TV Adds to Growing List of Kapamilya Stars


    Sep 10, 2022

    Veteran journalist and vocal supporter of both former President Rody Duterte and the sitting President Bongbong Marcos Anthony Taberna, joins the newest TV network, AMBS All TV and adds to the growing list of Kapamilya stars joining the Villar-owned TV Network.

    Anthony “Tunying” signed the contract with AMBS All TV President Maribeth Tolentino, General Counsel lawyer TJ Mendoza and Chief Finance Officer Maryknoll Zamora at Mella Hotel in Las Piñas on September 6.

    The veteran journalist was accompanied by his wife who also served as Outbox Media’s top executive Rossel Taberna.

    According to AMBS President Maribeth Tolentino, Anthony Taberna’s high trust rating is the main reason why AllTV tapped him as one of the pioneer talents of the newest TV Network.

    AllTV is the newest TV network joining the Philippine broadcast spectrum that aims to provide Filipino viewers an elevated TV experience in the country.

    In an interview with the media, Tolentino was quoted as saying “We welcome Mr. Anthony Taberna to our family. Ka Tunying’s intelligent insights on radio and TV make him one of the trusted news personalities in the country. He gives our public interesting views, news scoops, and entertaining programs, making him fit for AllTV,” Tolentino said.

    Antony Taberna is the latest big name to join the growing list of credible TV personalities joining AllTV.

    Anthony Taberna is one of the country’s top radio and TV commentator who noted he is humbled by ALLTV’s move to tap him as one of the pioneer broadcast personalities for the new TV network.

    “Thank you to the AMBS family because I am now your family. Thank you for your trust in me. You know, my boss — my wife — and I are talking about what we can contribute to the field of television. Said he told me, I’m only 48 years (old) in January. I guess I’m too cheap to leave the television field,” he said in all his trademark politeness.

    Anthony Taberna who is one of the most vocal supporters of Duterte and BBM, has been in the broadcast industry for 30 years, said he is excited about this new partnership with AllTV.

    “Starting my 40th year in journalism, AMBS-AllTV is with me.”

    Source: The Manila Times


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