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    Al-Jasser launches Naqil system for transportation and logistics services


    Sep 4, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — Minister of Transport and Logistic Services Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser has launched the Administrative Communication System “Naqil” for the transportation and logistics services.

    In a ceremony held in Riyadh in the presence of a number of the system leaders, Al-Jasser confirmed that the launch of the platform will contribute to developing the work procedures and preserving the documents and transactions among all employees of the transportation and logistics system.

    It will also protect documents and letters, in addition to enhancing the levels of transparency, security, and confidentiality of information, Al-Jasser said. He called on all workers in the system to benefit from the platform in all daily transactions.

    Naqil is an alternative system to the traditional Administrative Communication System, which began operations in 1438 AH, the minister said, noting that it is concerned with sending and receiving transactions electronically through several channels. It comprises features that increase the level of security for information and documents, in addition to limiting illegal exploitation.

    On his part, Assistant Minister of Transport and Logistic Services Ahmed bin Sufyan Al-Hasan said his ministry was one of the first government agencies to invest and intensify its efforts toward digital transformation.

    He said that the ministry has accomplished, over the past few years, important phases toward digital transformation, raising the level of services provided to the beneficiaries of the logistics services sector through the multiple features and functions of the Naqil system.

    The launch of the Naqil system comes to achieve the vision of the wise leadership and their efforts made in the aspect of digital transformation, in addition to improving performance indicators through the complete transformation of e-transactions, and presenting them in a distinguished way for all the beneficiaries of the ministry and the system, as well as activating technology between departments in all entities of transport and logistics system.

    The ministry reached, in October of 2021,100% in e-transformation of transactions, which confirms its continuous endeavor to complete work procedures through its digital systems and dispense with paper, in order to preserve the environment and to keep pace with the technological renaissance that Saudi Arabia is witnessing in various fields.

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