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After the accident in Lucknow, there will be counseling of the administration, tractor-trolley drivers in action. UP News accident in Lucknow administration considering counseling tractor-trolley drivers


Sep 27, 2022


Lucknow Accident - India TV Hindi News

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Lucknow Accident


  • Considering to start counseling of tractor-trolley drivers
  • ‘Tractor-trolley drivers should not drive with too many people’
  • ‘Lekhpal and revenue inspector should inspect all the roads’

UP News: Lucknow district administration is contemplating to start counseling of tractor-trolley drivers after a tractor-trolley overturned in a pond at Gaddipurwa in Itaunja, Uttar Pradesh’s capital, to prevent such incidents in future. According to a statement issued by the district administration, in the wake of the accident, the District Magistrate has directed all the officials to counsel the tractor-trolley drivers not to carry excessive people and follow the traffic rules, so that in future Such a sad incident should not happen again.

‘Survey of all roads should be ensured’

On behalf of the District Magistrate, the officials of the Public Works Department were instructed to ensure that all the roads are surveyed, especially the roads on which the devotees walk. He said that it should be noted in the survey that the roads near which the tracks have been finished and the roads around which there are ponds or ditches, it should be ensured that the tracks should be made by putting soil in them.

‘Roads should be ensured pothole free’

According to the statement, the District Magistrate said that it should be ensured to make the roads free of potholes on which the traffic of the tractor trolley remains. It was directed by the District Magistrate that all the accountants and revenue inspectors should inspect all the roads and the information about the roads on which tracks are required or the roads on which there are potholes should be made available with photos. He said that immediate action would be ensured from the Public Works Department on this.

According to an official of the district administration, some people from Sitapur were going for the Mundan ceremony at Unai Devi temple on Monday when on the way the tractor-trolley overturned in a pond near Gaddinpurwa of Itaunja area, causing the people in it. buried down. He said that 10 people died in the incident and 37 others were injured.









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