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Warning against any content that leads to children’s behavioral and intellectual deviation


Sep 10, 2023


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — The Public Prosecution has warned against production of any content that leads to behavioral and intellectual deviation of children.

In a statement on its X account, the Public Prosecution stated that these include producing, publishing, circulating, displaying, or possessing any printed, visual, or audio work directed to a child. It is prohibited any of such work that addresses or arouses a child’s instincts in a manner that embellishes for him behavior contrary to the provisions of the Islamic Shariah law, public order, or public morals, or that would incite him to behavioral and intellectual deviation, it said.

The Child Protection Law aims to protect children against all forms of abuse and neglect, and the manifestations thereof to which they may be exposed in the surrounding environment such as home, school, neighborhood, public places, welfare and rehabilitation facilities, foster families, public and private institutions, or the like. These include abuse or neglect committed by a person who has guardianship, responsibility, or authority over the child, or a person related thereto, or by any other person. The forms of abuse are identified in the law as physical, psychological and sexual abuses.


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