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Saudi Hajj Ministry trains 421 Turkish pilgrim group leaders in Ankara


May 23, 2023
Saudi Hajj Ministry trains 421 Turkish pilgrim group leaders in Ankara


Saudi Gazette report

ANKARA — Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has trained 421 Turkish leaders of Hajj groupings (Tafweej) in Ankara to facilitate the performance of Hajj rituals by the pilgrims.

This came in cooperation with the Tawafa Company for the Hajj pilgrims of Turkey and Europe, America and Australia, in addition to the Presidency of Religious Affairs in Turkey.

The ministry conducted the training, represented by the Workers Licensing and Training Center and in cooperation with the General Administration of Hajj Affairs Offices. This is its 4th training program to qualify workers to serve and guide pilgrims from abroad during the Hajj.

The program aims to increase the quality of the services provided for Hajj pilgrims and facilitate their journey, as well as enrich their religious and cultural experiences, one of the goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

The program included a detailed explanation of the pilgrim’s journey starting from their departure from countries, passing through all phases of their spiritual journey, including life skills, during the performance of the Hajj rites, management of grouping (Tafweej) and crowd management. All of this is being conducted in accordance with harmonious work with the other parties participating in the Hajj.

The ministry conducted the first training program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the second in Indonesia, while the third program was held in Nigeria. About 300 leaders have benefited from the training program.


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