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    Saudi Aramco dismisses ‘inaccurate’ reports on blue hydrogen plans


    May 11, 2023
    Saudi Aramco dismisses ‘inaccurate’ reports on blue hydrogen plans

    dhahran — Saudi Arabian Oil Company Saudi Aramco on Thursday dismissed media reports claiming that its blue hydrogen plans were put on hold, affirming that such claims were “inaccurate.”

    In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency, the company affirmed that its goal of producing up to 11 million tons of blue ammonia, a carrier of blue hydrogen, by 2030 remains unchanged.

    Aramco continues to work with potential customers and other stakeholders around the world, and is making real progress across the blue hydrogen value chain. This includes receiving the world’s first independent certification with Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) for blue ammonia and blue hydrogen production, as well as delivering three shipments of blue ammonia to customers in Asia. SPA

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