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Saudi Arabia stands as model for many nations, says Al-Jubeir at MGF


Nov 18, 2023


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cabinet Member, and Climate Affairs Envoy Adel Al-Jubeir declared Saudi Arabia as a global reference for leadership, public and private sector responsibility, citizen engagement, and international commitment.

Al-Jubeir made these remarks during the Misk Global Forum 2023 in Diriyah on Friday, praising Saudi Arabia’s distinctiveness attributed to its people, youth, and leadership, along with its bold pursuit of ambitious goals across diverse fields.

Emphasizing Saudi Arabia’s global responsibility and positive role, Al-Jubeir highlighted efforts in rehabilitating and empowering male and female youth, showcasing the Kingdom’s commitment to education and international engagement.

Al-Jubeir expressed admiration for the astounding creativity, innovation, and achievements of Saudi youth, considering them a source of great pride for Saudis, Arabs, and Muslims.

Additionally, he underscored the multifaceted factors contributing to Saudi Arabia’s global influence, encompassing geographical, economic, religious, political, and humanitarian aspects.


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