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    Real story based web series Scoop is coming on OTT, based on true story


    May 16, 2023
    Real story based web series Scoop is coming on OTT, based on true story

    Digital Desk, New Delhi. Since the Corona period, people have started liking OTT platforms more than theatres, and many such series or films have also come on OTT, which have garnered a lot of accolades. The show ‘Scoop’, based on one such real story, has become very much discussed these days. Recently the trailer of this show has been released, which people are very fond of and especially the dialogues of this trailer are being praised a lot. People are getting very excited to watch this real story based show. The show is all set to release on Netflix on 2nd June.

    how is the scoop trailer

    The trailer of the show Scoop based on Real Life Based Story to be released on Netflix has been released. The very beginning of the trailer shows Karishma Tanna playing the role of crime reporter Jagriti Pathak, who happens to be the deputy bureau chief of a media organization. It is shown in this trailer that Jagriti Pathak interviews Mumbai’s underworld don Chhota Rajan, then her fellow journalist Jaideep Sen is murdered on Beach Road. After this the police investigate in this matter and Chhota Rajan tells the police that he got Sen killed and was instigated by Jagriti Pathak. Chhota Rajan also tells the police that Sen’s details were also given to him by Jagruti. After that the police arrest Jagruti and put her in jail.

    what is the real story

    Hansal Mehta’s upcoming crime drama web series Scoop is based on a real story and the journalist who was at the center of its real story has written this story in her book, which is ‘Behind Bars in Byculla’. This story was adapted by Jigna Vora and J.J. Day. taken from the case. In the show, both have been named Jagriti Pathak-Jaideep Sen.

    This case pertains to June 11, 2011, when a famous journalist J Dey was shot dead on Beach Road in Mumbai. In this case, apart from Jigna Vora, the police filed a 3055-page charge sheet against other accused for murder, conspiracy, possession of arms and explosives. In a further charge sheet, the police said that it was Jigna Vora who gave Dey’s home address and vehicle registration details to Rajan. After that Jigna Vora got bail in the year 2012, she got bail because of her being a single mother, the court said that now there is no need to keep her in custody because the investigation has been completed, although her case will continue for the next 6 years Keep going In this case, 9 accused including Chhota Rajan have been convicted.

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