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    Ramiz Raja | Former Pakistan batsman targeted Rameez Raja, said- ‘His behavior is like that of a child whose toy has been taken away’


    Dec 30, 2022

    new Delhi: Recently, the Pakistan Cricket Board removed Rameez Raja from the post of chairman. In his place, Najam Sethi has now become the new chairman of PCB. Since then, Rameez Raja has opened a front against PCB. Rameez Raja is constantly accusing PCB. Meanwhile, now former Pakistan batsman Salman Butt has given his reaction on this behavior of Rameez Raja. He said that Raja should have avoided creating unnecessary ruckus after being removed from the post of PCB chairman.

    Salman Butt said on his YouTube channel, ‘After being removed from the post of PCB chairman, Rameez is behaving like a small child after snatching a toy. Raja was fortunate that the new government, even after coming to power, allowed him to serve as the PCB chairman for several months. He did not directly remove the king, but also supported him.

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    Salman Butt further said, ‘The talk of removing Raja was going on for a long time, he has not been removed suddenly. I think his recent statements have only soured relations between him and the PCB.

    The former Pakistan batsman further said that PCB has fired people in the past as well, but no one behaved like this. Rameez should desist from such rhetoric and show some decency. He should focus on commentating now.

    Let us tell you that Rameez Raja had made serious allegations against the new committee headed by Najam Sethi. Sharing the video on his YouTube channel, he said, ‘The new board members are not interested in the betterment of Pakistan cricket and they only want rights. Najam Sethi had tweeted at 2 pm that Rameez Raja was out. Is it your respect for a former captain? I was not even allowed to go to the office and collect my belongings.

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