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    Rajasthan News: Sachin Pilot Will Do Padyatra From Ajmer On May 11 On Paper Leak And Corruption, Know The Whole Reason


    May 9, 2023
    Rajasthan News: Sachin Pilot Will Do Padyatra From Ajmer On May 11 On Paper Leak And Corruption, Know The whole reason

    Political gathering has started before the assembly elections in Rajasthan. A day before PM Modi’s visit, former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has announced a padyatra from Ajmer on May 11.


    Rajasthan News: Political gathering has started before the assembly elections 2023 in Rajasthan. There has been a stir in the state’s politics after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s statement on Sunday to return the money taken by Amit Shah to the Congress MLAs in Dholpur. Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has retaliated on CM Gehlot’s statement. Now former Deputy Chief Minister of the state Sachin Pilot has also entered the fray. Rejecting all the allegations leveled against him and his supporting MLAs, Sachin Pilot said that after listening to CM Gehlot’s speech at Dholpur, it seems that his leader is not Sonia Gandhi but he considers Vasundhara Raje as his leader. During a press conference, Sachin Pilot said that from tomorrow I will leave for Jaipur on Jan Sangharsh Padyatra. Pilot said that the contradiction that is visible in 2020 regarding toppling and saving the government. He should clear CM Gehlot. He said that we had some resentment. Which we went to Delhi and presented in front of the high command. But never broke the discipline of the party.

    After becoming the president, he gave his life for the Congress.

    Pilot said that after being made the Congress President, I worked hard. But never did the act of breaking discipline. The pilot said that I was not called a traitor, Corona or anything. But I have never done anything to harm the image of the party. He said that I wrote several letters to the CM during the BJP government to investigate corruption. But now I understand why there was no investigation in them. He said that whenever I talk about the corruption of Vasundhara government, no answer comes. Sachin Pilot said that with the coming of elections, work is being done to harm Congress MLAs and BJP MLAs are being praised. MLAs like Hemaram Chowdhary have been accused of taking money. Which are baseless and I strongly condemn it.

    Sachin Pilot will walk 125 kilometers

    Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot said that I will take out a padyatra from RPSC headquarters in Ajmer on May 11 and I have decided to go among the public. He told that he is going to take out a padyatra for the youth on issues like corruption and paper leak. According to the pilot, it is going to run from Ajmer. The padayatra will reach Jaipur after 5 days and this yatra is not against anyone. Sachin is the pilot during this time. Referring to the events of September 25, it was said that Sonia Gandhi had sent Ajay Maken and Khargeji to Jaipur to hold a meeting of the Legislature Party. But that meeting could not take place. Pilot said that our party president was insulted by the MLAs boycotting the meeting on 25 September. He was insulted. She was a traitor. Pilot said resignations were taken forcefully from the MLAs and the incident shows who broke discipline and who betrayed the party. He said that Gehlot’s statement is not an introduction to serious politics and it does not suit him.


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