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    R Ashwin reacts to Adam Zampa’s failed ‘Mankading’ effort in Big Bash League, says THIS


    Jan 7, 2023

    During Tuesday’s (January 3) Big Bash (BBL) league match between Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades, two city rivals, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Ravichandran Ashwin did not hold back when discussing the recent ‘Mankading Incident’ (MCG). Tom Rogers, who was well outside the crease on the non-end, was run out as a striker by Stars captain Adam Zampa, shocking the crowd. Zampa had finished his bowling motion and crossed the ‘vertical,’ in the third umpire’s opinion, therefore the verdict was declared not-out.

    In an odd statement made in a post-game interview, Stars coach David Hussey said that he would have appealed the decision if it had been made. Many were taken aback by the remark considering that the team’s captain Zampa had made the initial decision to take the action and was there during it.

    Ravichandran Ashwin, an Indian cricketer who is well-known for publicly supporting the non-run-out, the striker’s came out in strong support of Zampa and criticized Hussey for his opinions. In addition, Ashwin said he disagreed with the call to declare the batter not out and praised the Australian spinner for giving the hitter an Undertaker-like look.

    “I am tired of talking or writing about this topic. Every time this incident happens, there are preachers who hop in and start preaching. But the best thing I loved from this whole incident is the stare given by Adam Zampa after running out the non-striker. It was similar to The Undertaker’s stare in the World Wrestling Federation. He didn’t even say a word to the batsman. The batsman also stood in silence without knowing whether it was out or not out,” said Ashwin on his Youtube channel.

    “People will talk about the legality of the dismissal. That he has completed his action and stuff like that. But see, he was about to bowl, and the non-striker had started running. In fact, the rule clearly states that you can run anywhere as soon as the bowler releases since he can’t run you out anymore once he releases. If you ask me if the non-striker starts running once the bowler releases, that in itself is an advantage for the non-striker. Because the batsman hasn’t made an impact yet. And I don’t know how many balls come back to the bowler as the batter rarely plays defense in T20,” he added.

    After questioning Hussey about his stance and accusing him of insulting the bowler, Ashwin made it obvious that his preferred style of play is different from that of everyone else.

    “I don’t believe what he said. Because if you wanted to withdraw the appeal, you need not have taken that to the third umpire himself. You could have easily withdrawn that appeal even before it had gone to the third umpire. First of all, why should you withdraw the appeal? A bowler is running the non-striker out. Will the captain say that the bowler is wrong or what? What a big insult that is to the bowler if the captain is withdrawing the appeal,” Ashwin stated.

    “If I am standing there as a bowler and appealing for this dismissal, and if the captain or coach says that they are withdrawing the appeal, it is very insulting. Because once you do that, as a bowler, you will feel that what is the point in bowling when your team is not backing you? My team captain and coach themselves are not backing me. Why should I bowl and win you the game then? The bowlers will feel depressed once you do that. And David Hussey was like, ‘This is not how you play cricket’. Sir, this is now how you want to play cricket. But for that, you can’t assume and say, ‘This is now how you should also play cricket’. This is absolutely wrong he concluded.


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