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Police arrested 9 accused in Gaya: Accused of attacking police team, many policemen were injured


Aug 25, 2023


The police have arrested 9 accused in connection with the attack on the police team that went to catch liquor in Gaya. There was an incident of attack on the police in July. In this case, the police arrested nine accused together late on Thursday night.


Case of Khijarasarai police station area

This matter belongs to Khijarsarai police station area. According to the information, on July 2, on the instructions of SDPO Neemchak Bathani, the police of Khijarsarai police station had gone to take action against those involved in manufacturing, selling and buying liquor. In this sequence, the police station had reached Shadipur village. Police had started action against liquor.

Meanwhile, there was a stir among the liquor traders. They freaked out. Started throwing obstacles on the police. Many policemen were injured in this. The police had to come on the backfoot from the spot. On the other hand, an FIR was lodged in Khijarsarai police station regarding this matter.

Thursday night arrest

At the same time, within 24 hours in this case, nine accused have been arrested by the police. He has been arrested for assaulting the police, obstructing government work and other charges in action against liquor. Due to the arrest of 9 people outright, there is an atmosphere of commotion among the elements related to the liquor business.

they have been arrested

The arrested accused include Nandu Chowdhary, Vitthal Manjhi, Bablu Kumar, Deepu Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Brijnandan Chowdhary, Jitendra Kumar, Rupesh Kumar. After the arrest, the process of sending them to jail is being completed.

what did ssp say

In this regard, Gaya SSP Ashish Bharti said that on July 2, he had reached to raid liquor. The police team was attacked in Shadipur under Khijarsarai police station area. Many policemen were injured in this attack. Nine accused have been arrested in this case.



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