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    ‘People used to say die…’ Life of this girl with thick eyebrows had become difficult, today she is touching heights


    Jun 16, 2023


    oi-Kusum Bhatt


    ‘People used to say die…’ Life of this girl with thick eyebrows had become difficult, today she is touching heights

    Many times people have to face criticism from people because of their different physical appearance. This thing is wrong but it is also a bitter truth. In such a situation, to show themselves perfect, people have started showing off on social media.


    Suffered a lot because of eyebrows

    Recently, a model has told such a story, knowing which you will also become emotional. This is the story of 26 year old Sophia, who had to face a lot because of her eyebrows. The limit was reached when people told him to die.

    Credit: sophiahadjipanteli/nstagram

    The woman had to listen to obscenities for her thick eyebrows. But the good thing is that the woman never let these things come in the way of her career and did not lose courage. Today she has become a fashion sensation. The woman has more than half a million followers on social media.

    Fashion sensation Sofia has worked with luxury brands like Jean Paul Gaultier, Louboutin, Hugo Boss and Valentino. Now Sophia has talked to the Daily Star about her experience with thick eyebrows.

    Sophia, who lives in London, said that I get dirty dirty reactions. But I don’t pay attention to them now, because I believe they don’t accept something they are not used to seeing. I have been trolled many times. He saw something that had never been seen before. The extent was reached when people while giving reactions online asked me to die.

    I was bullied in school and trolled fiercely on the internet as well. But despite this, Sophia’s movement remained very powerful. She fought against all those people who told her a lot. He said that I never even expected to become so big. I am proud now.

    I know a lot of people online who get cast for massive campaigns using hashtags. It is heartening to know that a small community that I started online has grown to a bigger level. Sophia’s parents are also proud of her coming to America. He sees pictures of his daughter on billboards and magazine covers.

    Sophia says that my parents have always been teaching that be who you are. If you are a good person then it will be good. Sophia has given the credit of her success to her parents. He said that you should never give up.

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