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Over 1.2 million amphetamine pills thwarted in Riyadh


May 6, 2023
Over 1.2 million amphetamine pills thwarted in Riyadh


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — A huge quantity of amphetamine pills, reaching more than 1.2 million, has been thwarted in a rest house in the Al-Muzahmiya governorate in Riyadh.

The Public Security spokesman said that the rest house was raided and 7 people were arrested, who were in possession of about 1,266,000 tablets of narcotic amphetamine, that were professionally hidden inside glass panels.

He said that the 7 accused are expatriates of Egyptian, Syrian, Bangladeshi nationalities, as well as 2 Yemenis, in addition to 2 Saudi citizens.

The spokesperson confirmed that the defendants were arrested and preliminary legal measures were taken against them, then they were referred to the Public Prosecution.

This effort resulted from the security follow-up on the networks of drug smuggling and promotion that target the security of Saudi Arabia and its youth.


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