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Marvels of Saudi Music set to thrill New York on September 17


Sep 14, 2023


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — New York is the world’s third destination that will enjoy the “Marvels of Saudi Music” initiative, as the Metropolitan Opera House Theater at the Lincoln Center will witness the concert on Sunday, September 17. The event is organized by the Music Commission with the participation of the Theater and Performing Arts Commission.

The concert, under the patronage of Saudi Minister of Culture Prince Badr, will be performed by the Saudi National Orchestra and Choir, and the Saudi Performing Arts Band, accompanied by the American jazz band Dizzy Gillespie.

Some 80 musicians from the Saudi National Orchestra and Choir will participate by presenting a musical performance that includes singing a medley of Saudi songs, in addition to a solo performance. The American jazz band will also perform pieces in a joint performance with the Saudi Orchestra.

The concert will include the participation of the Theater and Performing Arts Commission with five Saudi performing arts performances that reflect the cultural diversity of the Kingdom, which is known as the art of Al-Rabash, Al-Liwa, Al-Majroor, Al-Samri, and Al-Khatwa. These performances will be performed by 60 performers from the Saudi Performing Arts Troupe, with the participation of the Saudi National Orchestra and Choir.

The concert in New York is the third destination of the Marvels of Saudi Music initiative, which first toured Paris and then Mexico City.

The initiative aims to introduce the global community to the masterpieces of Saudi music and performing arts to enhance international cultural exchange, which is one of the strategic goals that the Ministry of Culture seeks to achieve under the umbrella of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


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