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Jeddah Declaration reaffirms bolstering Arab unity to achieve a secure, stable region


May 20, 2023
Jeddah Declaration reaffirms bolstering Arab unity to achieve a secure, stable region


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — Wrapping up their one-day summit here on Friday evening, the Arab leaders reaffirmed the need for further cementing their unity to achieve a more secure and stable region with prosperity and welfare for its people.

The Jeddah Declaration, approved by the leaders at the end of their 32nd ordinary summit, reiterated that sustainable development, security, stability, and peaceful coexistence are inherent rights of the Arab citizen, and this will only be achieved by complementing efforts, combating crime and corruption decisively and at all levels.

Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammad bin Salman, chaired the summit, which saw the participation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the first time, ending Syria’s decade-long isolation from the 22-member bloc.

The summit discussed major topics on its agenda, including the Palestinian–Israeli conflict, the latest developments in Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon. The declaration rejected foreign interferences in the internal affairs of the Arab countries. “We completely reject supporting the formation of armed militias and warn that internal military conflicts will only aggravate people’s suffering,” the declaration read.

The summit reaffirmed the centrality of the Palestinian cause to Arab countries as one of the main factors of stability in the region. The leaders condemned in the strongest terms the hostile practices and violations of Israel that target the Palestinians’ lives. They called for intensifying efforts to reach a comprehensive and just settlement for the Palestinian issue, and to find a settlement to achieve peace on the basis of the two-state solution in accordance with international resolutions and initiatives, notably the Arab Peace Initiative, mooted by To install Saudi Arabia.

The leaders welcomed Syria’s return to the Arab League fold following years of isolation, and voiced hope that this would contribute to Syria’s stability and unity. “We must intensify Arab efforts to help Syria resolve its crisis,” the declaration stated. The declaration also hailed the decision of the ministerial level meeting to resume participation of Syrian government delegations in its meetings.

The summit rejected foreign interferences that inflame conflict in Sudan, in a way threatening regional security and stability. The leaders called for dialogue and unity among the warring factions.

The declaration reaffirmed support for everything that guarantees the security and stability of Yemen and achieves the aspirations of the Yemeni people.

The summit also pledged solidarity with Lebanon, and urged all Lebanese parties to engage in dialogue to elect a president who satisfies people’s aspirations to restore regular work of constitutional institutions and conduct required reforms.

The declaration reiterated that during its current presidency, Saudi Arabia will strengthen joint Arab action in various cultural, economic, social and environmental sectors. “These initiatives include teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers and sustaining the supply chains of basic food commodities for Arab countries,” the declaration read.


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