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Go First Crisis: Crew And Pilots Stranded In Kuwait, Abu Dhabi And Phuket, Increasing Crisis Due To Airline Bankruptcy


May 3, 2023
Go First Crisis: Crew And Pilots Stranded In Kuwait, Abu Dhabi And Phuket, Increasing Crisis Due To Airline Bankruptcy


Go First Airlines Crisis: Wadia Group-owned Go First declared itself bankrupt on Tuesday, May 2, marking the first major airline collapse in India since Jet Airways in 2019.

GoFirst Airlines Bankrupt

Go First Bankrupt: Employees of low-cost Indian airline Go First are reportedly stranded at multiple locations in India and abroad after the company filed for bankruptcy and suspended all flights till May 5. According to the Business Today report, the cabin crew and pilots are stranded at the places where the flight was to take place between May 3 and May 5.

Go First flights were scheduled from Wednesday to Friday from Abu Dhabi, and on Thursdays from Kuwait. Some flights were also scheduled from Bangkok, Muscat and Phuket. Since those flights have been suspended, the workers are left stranded there.

Cabin crew member shared pain
A member of the cabin crew told that it can be managed for a day or two but if they do not have another flight back home then it will be very difficult for them. They can’t check out the airport and what about reimbursement for all the extra days they stay there.

The member said that the airline employees are also stuck at domestic places, there is no clarity on what will happen next. The cabin crew member told that I had flown to Jaipur earlier this week and was scheduled to fly to Bangalore on Wednesday. But since the flight has been suspended, me and my crew members are left here. We don’t even know if flights will continue from Saturday or not.

On Tuesday, GoFirst filed for bankruptcy at the National Company Law Tribunal due to mounting losses. The airline blamed engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney for the bankruptcy.

Why did GoFirst go bankrupt?
Go First blames American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney for the airline’s bankruptcy.
GoFirst alleged that it was facing financial difficulties due to non-supply of engines by Pratt & Whitney. It also said that 28 aircraft had to be grounded due to non-supply.

In addition, Go First also alleged that engines supplied by Pratt & Whitney were failing rapidly, leading to the grounding of nearly 50% of its Airbus A320neo fleet. As a result, GoFirst claimed that it was forced to incur 100% of its operating costs, causing the airline to lose Rs 10,800 crore in revenue and additional expenses.


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