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    Dallah Home Care provides specialized medical services for all family members.


    May 10, 2023
    Dallah Home Care provides specialized medical services for all family members.

    Dallah Home Care team provides specialized and comprehensive medical services for all family members, meeting the various needs of the patient under the supervision of a specialist doctor, while adhering to professional ethics.

    Dallah Home Care team aims to provide high-quality and efficient medical services to meet the needs and expectations of patient and the community in the field of health care. The services offered include doctor visits, nursing services, physiotherapy, home hemodialysis, care of mother and child, as well as vaccination, laboratory services, and health attendant service.

    Nawaf Alarifi, the Director of Home Care, commented on the medical services provided by the Dallah Home Care team, saying, “Dallah Home Care has a group of specialists who have high expertise and proficiency. We give special attention to home care patients, and there is a dedicated medical team for home health care, supervised by a specialist who visits the patient to provide medical consultations and home examination. This is followed by the development of an appropriate treatment plan and continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition.”

    He also explained that the home care team also places special emphasis on the care of the mother and child, through a comprehensive and integrated program that includes visits by a specialist to monitor pregnancy, laboratory tests, ultrasound scans, nursing services, as well as providing counseling, health education, and measuring fetal growth, with careful monitoring of the mother and her child’s condition.

    According to specialist Nouf Al-Abalan, head of the Physiotherapy Unit, the specialized physiotherapy team provides several services, including an initial home visit by a physiotherapist to diagnose the patient’s condition and treat muscular, neurological, joint pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, or for children, and women’s health. The team aims to create a comprehensive health rehabilitation program that effectively aids in the patient’s recovery, using modern techniques such as electrical devices and manual therapy to improve the patient’s health condition and enable him to return to normal daily activities.

    In addition, our home care team provides a home hemodialysis services, providing patients with the comfort and privacy to continue treatment outside the facility under the supervision of specialized medical staff. We also offer diagnostic radiology services at home, including (X-rays and ultrasound scans), utilizing modern and high-quality medical devices.

    In addition, home care services include nursing care, where the nursing team strives to provide a variety of services, including monitoring chronic diseases, caring for urinary catheter, wound care, such as caring for bedsores, diabetes, injections (intramuscular injection – intravenous injection ), caring for the respiratory tube through the trachea, pharynx, and colon, as well as caring for the gastric feeding tube, oxygen therapy, palliative care, home ECG monitoring, postoperative care, in addition to health monitoring for the elderly.

    One of the key services provided by the Home Care team is health attendant service, which involves providing a highly skilled resident nurse that specializes in providing the necessary care according to the patient’s needs and health condition. All of these services are provided under the supervision of a doctor.

    It is worth mentioning that Dallah Health Care comprises of six pioneering health care facilities, serving more than 1.5 million patients annually, throughout the KSA, via more than 900 beds and 500 outpatient clinics. The group employs more than 3,000 employees, including around 1,000 specialists, in its effort to provide the highest standards of health care in the KSA.

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