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Crown Prince announces establishment of Global Water Organization


Sep 4, 2023


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman announced on Monday that Saudi Arabia is establishing a Global Water Organization to integrate and enhance the efforts made by governments and organizations in securing global water sustainably.

The organization, with its headquarters in Riyadh, plans to exchange expertise, advance technology, foster innovation, and share research and development experiences. Moreover, it will promote the establishment and funding of high-priority projects, ensuring the sustainability of water resources and their accessibility for everyone.

By initiating the establishment of the organization, the Kingdom emphasizes its commitment to addressing global water supply challenges. The initiative is aligned with Saudi Arabia’s dedication to environmental

sustainability. Over the years, Saudi Arabia has showcased notable achievements in water production, transportation, and distribution, leveraging locally developed innovative solutions.

These achievements have been internationally recognized. Additionally, Saudi Arabia plays a key role in ensuring that global water issues remain a top priority on the international agenda. This is further evidenced by the Kingdom’s developmental funding, with over $6 billion allocations to various water and sanitation projects across four continents, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The organization aims to collaborate with countries facing water-related challenges and those prioritizing such projects on their national agendas. This collaboration will also involve countries with significant expertise and contributions to water solutions. Such cooperation becomes even more vital with projections of the global water demand doubling by 2050, in light of the anticipated growth of the world population to 9.8 billion.

Saudi Arabia, with all of the organization’s member countries, seeks to contribute to achieving the water security-related sustainable development goals, creating an integrated and long-lasting impact by bringing the international community together to ensure global water sustainability for humanity.


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