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Chinese CCTV: China can spy with CCTV cameras! The MLA made the disclosure in a letter to the Prime Minister


Mar 6, 2023


Increased concern about Chinese CCTV cameras

Increased concern about Chinese CCTV cameras
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The Congress MLA from Arunachal Pradesh has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi. In this letter, the MLA has demanded that the Prime Minister ban the installation of Chinese CCTV cameras in government offices. Along with this, the MLA has appealed that the government should run a campaign to make people aware that they should not install Chinese CCTV cameras in their homes. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Ninong Ering, Congress MLA from Pasighat West Assembly seat in Arunachal Pradesh, has cited India Today’s report ‘The China Snooping Menace’ and expressed concern over the use of Chinese CCTV cameras in India. The MLA says that China’s CCTV cameras are working as eyes and ears for him.

The MLA has described Chinese CCTV cameras as dangerous for India’s national security. The MLA wrote that at present, when China is continuously showing aggression on LAC, then it is also attacking our IT infrastructure. In such a situation, India should take steps to deal with this threat from China. Citing a report published in June 2022 by Recorded Future Inc., a US intelligence firm, the legislator wrote that Chinese hackers tried several times to hack seven load despatch centers in Ladakh areas located on the India-China border. These load centers are responsible for controlling and distributing the electricity grid.

The Congress MLA also told in the letter that Chinese hackers can hack the internet protocol and DVR used in CCTV networks. It is written in the letter that at present there are about 2 million CCTV cameras installed in the country, out of which 90 percent are made by Chinese government-owned companies. The worrying thing is that more than half of these are engaged in government offices. The MLA has demanded a ban on Chinese CCTV cameras immediately. Also appealed to the Prime Minister that people should be made aware on this issue that they should not use Chinese CCTV cameras in their homes.









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