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    Archbishop of Canterbury fined for speeding in London


    May 12, 2023
    Archbishop of Canterbury fined for speeding in London

    LONDON — The Archbishop of Canterbury has been fined more than £500 and given three penalty points after he was caught speeding in London.

    The Most Reverend Justin Welby was recorded driving at 25mph in a 20mph zone in his Volkswagen Golf last year.

    The 67-year-old had been walking along the Albert Embankment towards his official residence at Lambeth Palace.

    He admitted the offense and was sentenced at a magistrates’ court hearing on Wednesday.

    The archbishop, who was caught by a speed camera on 2 October, was prosecuted through the single justice procedure – a method to allow courts to deal with cases without the defendant having to go to a hearing.

    He pleaded guilty online on Wednesday, the same day he appeared at the House of Lords to condemn the government’s Illegal Migration Bill.

    Sentencing took place at Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court, where Welby was ordered to pay a £300 fine, a £120 victim surcharge and £90 in legal costs.

    A spokesperson for Lambeth Palace said the archbishop had been unaware that the case was being dealt with in court.

    The spokesperson said: “He has tried to resolve this and paid the fine three times. He has all the paperwork to prove that he has tried to pay.

    “Admin errors seem to be causing problems.” — BBC

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